Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas in Pinecraft

 Tobie Yoder reading the bus schedules. Today six Pioneer Trails buses came in. I think four CrossRoads from Indiana also came in, plus according to rumor one or two or three buses from Illinois and elsewhere. But Pinecraft isn't full yet, and there are more buses coming in Tuesday and Wednesday. This tally is just the people coming in with the buses. 
 The first Pioneer bus to arrive.

 Nobody wasted time in getting off the bus and getting to their luggage, as the next bus was due to come in shortly.

 This is a CrossRoad bus.

 Dave Frey picked up his sister and her family.

 Butch & Sarah Chupp from Indiana.
 And the last Pioneer bus arrived.

 Got off the bus,
Went to their rental.
Took off winter shoes.
Put on flip-flops,
And took to the streets. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The First Benefit Supper (this season)

 This morning I biked to the park just to see what is in progress. I loved the haziness in the sky.

 So I found the source of the haze, they were barbecuing chicken for the Benefit Supper tonight. The funds go toward the expenses of the Haiti Benefit Sale in January.
 The ice cream maker.

 Picking up trays of food to carry out. On the menu were chicken, beans, pasta salad, buns, ice cream and cake, plus soft drinks, coffee and water.


 The new "Bike Parking Lot" was put to good use. 

 Leaving the park. 
 Adin Yutzy stayed at home. He is waiting for his wife to return home. 

Out biking.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pinecraft Bike Shops

This post is about the three main Bike Shops in Pinecraft. There are a few other bike shops around on a smaller scale tucked in here and there.

 Bill's Bike Shop is located on Kruppa Street, close to the Pinecraft Park.

 Lapp's Bike Shop is on Estrada Street. He already has a third of his bikes reserved for Christmas Vacation.
 Just by eavesdropping, I think he is ordering parts for bikes or something to that extend.

 These are the children's bikes neatly lined up.

 Miller's Bike Shop is on Kaufman, north of Bahia Vista.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Shots

 Sunday morning - Down by the River...
The river bank was beautiful this morning, with lots of sunshine and quite a number of birds.
 I watched this from across Bahia Vista in Yoder's parking lot.

 This couple looks like they are a part of the mural.

Christmas Bulbs

Monday, December 8, 2014

Gabriel D Angelo

 (I love exploring Pinecraft for there is always new people & new things. About a month ago while I was biking down Bahia Vista I saw changes at Ed's Body Shop and so I stopped in. Following is a short article I wrote with the help of Gabriel. At the bottom is a note from him.)

This morning I am literally sitting between an important Timeline in the events of Pinecraft. Ed's Garage & Body Shop was a part of Pinecraft for 50+ years. Ed's passing on March 8, 2013 changed all this. Yes, the shop was still here but most of the time the gates were closed and Jean was, well I don't know where she was. We did meet up with each other a few times in the last 18 months.

About two months ago all this changed,  when Gabriel D Angelo wondered what is behind that wall while driving on Bahia Vista Street? So one day Gabriel stopped in and was met by Jean, who welcomed him in. Garbiel's Roots are from Europe and South America. Gabriel was raised in Port Washington L.I.N.Y.He lived in Chicago and Europe. When he came to Sarasota it was like, "This feels like home. This is where I belong" and settled in with his wife and two children. 

This was a moment in time both Jean and Gabriel were waiting for. Gabriel saw the potential of this place and they talked. Naturally Jean had her guards up but when Gabriel went home and returned with a piece of his rustic furniture, Jean was satisfied knowing her piece of land will be put to good use.

What would normally take three days to clean the shop took a month. Jean was attached to everything that was Ed's. And very slowly, piece by piece, item by item each object was talked about. Gabriel gave Jean all the time she needed to talk or go off by herself before releasing each piece. When the shop was emptied, he set about painting the walls and adding curtains. Then came the time to bring in the rustic furniture, pieces of driftwood, pottery.

The beautiful part of True American Artisans is that  Gabriel  takes care  Mrs Bender. Few of us in Pinecraft really know Jean, but according to Gabriel she is that unique, special, quiet person. I am finding his description of Jean to be true. This past summer when conflicts rose among people at the Pinecraft Park, I watched a few of the defeated ones bike off in tears and head straight for Jean's open gate. Somehow I knew they are finding refuge in Jean's love and compassion.
From Gabriel D Angelo
If you need assistance please  come by  The Harvest where I volunteer on Thursdays ..I'm a creative sort, and my imagination knows no bounds. I love to inspire and be inspired. I don't go out of my way to live a conventional life, and that's okay.My luck just never seems to run out. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Saturday's Yard Sale

I took some photos of tomorrow's Yard Sale located at 1260 Kaufman Ave, first place south of Emma's Pizza Shop. Hours are from 7AM-2PM.  Most of the things in this photo are for decorations, like these old windows and the chick feeders. 

 Granite ware, books etc.


Washer and dryer  and many more things.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Sunday Mode

These are some of the shots I took today, my Sunday Mode.

 Even dying weeds are beautiful. They have decided to go to seed to keep their descendants going strong on this earth.

 This weed is standing strong against the wall.

 This afternoon the creek sparkled like silver and gold. It was almost too much for the eye to behold.

 I have watched this young lady grow for the last five-six years. Tonight they are taking one last bike ride before heading home to Pennsylvania.

 Playing Chess

 It takes balance to eat a peanut on the post.

 The Wilderness Gate

 This one specific squirrel comes right up and begs for a peanut, then hangs head first on the trunk, so it can enjoy its peanut plus keep an eye on me.

 Out on a stroll this beautiful evening.
It looks like the next eight days we are scheduled to have 73-81 degree weather. Probably making up for the cold spells we had.
 The Amish in the Mural wish us a Happy Holiday.