Friday, February 5, 2016

Crafty Yard Sales

My neighbor lady Arlene buys gourds and makes crafts. This winter she brought a number of her smaller gourds to sell at her Yard Sale, which was today.

 These are bird houses. 

 The ones on the left are lamps with a light bulb. 

These sound like "Thunder" when you shake their tail. 

Then I came upon another crafty Yard Sale
This one was on Yoder Street.

 Pinecraft Express airplane

 A Lancaster Amish or Old Order Mennonite buggy.

 A crate of oranges

 A pile of skids

 A truck load of apples.

 A pile of Pot Holders the wife made.

And another truck, plus many more things of fine details.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Beach Bus

Today was the first time this season I watched the Scat bus pick up passengers heading for Siesta Beach. 

 First Randall Horst came. He was the first one to wait on the bus. so he found a place to sit and we visited a bit.

 Then the next small group came and this one found a spot on the grass to sit.

 Then this couple came and sat on the pavement. 

 And this one from Arthur Illinois was dropped off and she sat down.
She knows my nephew Roger Mast.

 And the bus came...
It was the 12 noon bus and it appears like most of the beach goers already went. 

And they were off to the beach.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Personality of a Bird

 Each one of these birds have their own unique personality. The Great Blue Heron is the snobbish, bossy, manipulative one. He always has to see everything but never comes close, except to peck one of the other birds that picked up a peanut I offered him.

 The Wood Storks are of the humble nature. They are quick to own up to sins they never did and to confess upon their bended knees.

 The Vultures are the dirty, stinking ones that all other birds keep their distance less they get contaminated.

The Ibis wiggle their way through life. They know what they want and go after it. 

The Sea Gulls are loud mouthed, demanding and want special privileges. 

These are just my observations of daily watching these birds.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


 These girls played the Harmonica for Levi Jones this afternoon.

 Listening in from the street.

 Later tonight the Waldner Messengers played at Chet Stoltzfus' place.

One of them but I don't know his name. 

tomorrow night they plan to be at Birky Square, staarting at 6 PM.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Yard Sales

Today was a good day to have a Yard Sale and it was also a good day to find bargains. I found four coffee mugs that look like they have never been used, total price fifty cents. 

 This neighbor boy had $2.00 and he knew exact;y what he wanted to buy. 

Here is the bargain he found, which cost less than a dollar.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pencil Passion

Pencil Passion - About the Artist

Andy Mast was raised in rural southern Illinois within an Amish community where strong beliefs are taught and practiced as a way of life. His lifestyle and upbringing directly influenced his artwork. His preference to the raw medium is born from living a simple life on the farm where he is most familiar with the simple blessings of life.

But his love for a simple life abruptly ended when he was 17. Andy suffered a serious head injury walking one of their horses to pasture on their family farm. Although it remains unclear how the accident happened, the results were devastating. Through his dark time, drawing became a sanctuary. His talents became a refuge and solace, providing hum a way to both express his despair and see hope beyond it.

Andy has had no formal art education. By exercising his "God-given" talent, he found a purpose through his life-changing experience, to become an artist of hope. He desires to bring his viewers courage, peace and hope through his art.

The young artist has successfully exhibited his work across the county. He has won multiply awards for his art, including first place in the Western Spirit Art Show & Sale in Cheyenne, Wyoming, first place at Sangre De Cristo Art Guild's summer show in southern Colorado and four successive years he won awards in the Fine Art competition at Cederhust Center for the arts, Mt Vernon Illinois.

I met Andy's parents in Pinecraft this past summer while they were here doctoring for a few weeks. They showed me some of his art and it is the best as far as putting life and feelings into pencil drawings of horses.

Places where they are available if you can't make it to the public auction in Mt Hope on February 19, 2016. Andy's address is:
Andy Mast
7155 N. Goshen Lane
 Belle Rive, IL 62810
Phone: 618-246-2964

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Charter Bus by Pioneer Trails

 If I have my facts straight this bus contains dealers from Holmes Lumber. They have a point system and according to how much they buy, their points add up and Holmes Lumber gives them a free trip. This time the free trip is to Sarasota Florida.

 This dealer is from western Pennsylvania.

 My nephew Joseph Schrock is married to this dealer's daughter Rebecca.

 Wayne Weaver front on the right is my niece Mary Anna's husband. 

Yesterday the bus load was let loose in Pinecraft. Their only order was to be at Der Dutchman's at a certain time for their dinner. Then board their bus and head for Long Boat Keys where they have lodging.