Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday's Shuffleboard Tournament

 Every Wednesday evening there is a Shuffleboard Tournament at the park. During the busy season of the year I won't touch the shuffleboard court with a ten foot pole. It is just a too full and busy place. But now that not many people are left in Pinecraft, I get close up to the fence and take it in.

I think the games start at 6:30 but before that time the sweeping has to be done. John Henry Whetstone sweeps and visits.

 Jim Miller spreads the sand or crystals or whatever on the board that makes the disks slide easier.

 THen get out the disks and put them in place.

 The men talk and draw slips to determine who plays with whom.

 And the games go...

 Watching the games. Well it was more just for something to do.

 The opposite end of the games.

Omar Stolzfus is visiting with little Sammy or Bubby or whatever his name is. He is the cutest boy around. He is the only boy among three girls.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Day's Work

 David Borntrager power-washing the apartment roofs. When the roofs are cleaned, they sparkle and shine like new.

 Herman Mullet doing some last minute work on Omar & Laura's travel trailer. Omar thinks I take too many pictures of him but I will quit now that he has left.

 Laura is carrying out things they need up north or during their travel. They left around 3 PM. 

 Emma Schlabach went fishing before they leave for their Old Kentucky Home. I think they have plans to leave on Thursday.

 Team work for Clara and Emanuel. They plan to fly out on Thursday for Martinsburg Ohio.

After a day's work the sunset.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Changes for the Better in Pinecraft

Tonight I was biking for exercise. Beings there was nothing going on of interest at the park I biked down Miller Ave, wanting to take a look at the progress of this place.
 The old house between Kruppa and Miller has been torn down and a new home is in the making.
 Across the street sitting between Miller and Graber is the new Musser home. A year ago the old house was torn down and this new one took its place.

 A year ago this brand new house was build on an empty lot between Yoder and Graber Ave.

 This was started in late 2013 on Bimini going in from Beneva. I think it belongs to Randy Shrock.

 This new house on Clarinda close to Beneva was build last summer.

 This is also on Clarinda, close to Kaufman. The old house was torn down and the new one is still in the making.

 This one was a remodeling job with a new addition that is larger than the original house.  This is the backkside. The front faces Yoder.

A remodeling job in the corner where the dead ends of Kaufman and Schrock meet. 

There is at least one other remodeling/addition I didn't get tonight. All of these homes are on the south side of Bahia Vista.  I guess Pinecraft is getting a new facelift.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Afternoon and Evening

 Today a number of people left that seem like year round residents. It is mostly people from further north where Winter sets in early and Spring comes late. So what is the hurry to go home? One of these today was Al Miller from Geauga County Ohio. Al is on crutches as he had Polio when he was two years old. Since his father passed away he lives alone and takes care of himself. Anyway this circle of men are here to see him off.
 Freeman and Sarah Byler also from Geauga County left today. Their leaving was a bit more emotional as Freeman has been battling cancer for years and it is sapping his strength. His wife Sarah is legally blind. But her hearing is sharp.

 Roman & Fannie (Sommers) Schlabach with Freeman.

 Two men on mobility scooters.

 Al can't take steps so the he travels with the handicap bus.
 Tonight was the Shuffleboard Tournament at the park. Tonight was the first time this winter I got close enough to get a few pictures taken.

 Bob Bender

 They play seriously.

Tim Miller down on his knee making a straight shoot.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Day

 The Pioneer bus came in with four passengers. Tomorrow this bus will be loaded to the gill, going back north. It is that time of the year, Spring Break has ended as far as Pinecraft is concerned, except for the Easter Holidays. At least this week few passengers come south. Many go north.

 Jake Lapp was power washing his rental bikes to store for the summer and so I asked if he would wash my bike too? Of course he did. 

 Tonight there were no shuffleboard games, so about everybody was out on golf carts or bikes.

 Mr Squirrel and the Crow had a squabble. The crow left after being chased by the squirrel.

 More people sitting and walking...

The day ended with this sunset.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Full Bus Load

 This afternoon another full bus load went north. Pinecraft is empty compared to a month ago, but yet whenever the Pioneer bus goes north, it goes with a full load. Must be people crawl out of the woodwork whenever it is time to go back north. Here is Joe Weaver coming with a load of their things to take home. People who stay all winter normally have more to take back and forth.

 Ready and waiting until time to board the bus.

 This season the buses have prearranged seating. The list of who sits where is taped on the bus, both inside and outside. 

 Back in the early 1970's I had a suitcase like this bright blue one. I used it for years until the hinges wore out.

It looks like the bus has its own cleaning equipment. Each head hangs while the handle slides into a pvc pipe. Here is the mop, broom, brush and a window scraper.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

An Evening Out

 Tonight while at the park visiting these two groups of girls came up to look. Whenever this happens I get out my camera to point and shoot. One of two things happen, either they walk away or converse. These two walked away.

 Sisters, the oldest one answered every question we asked her.

 After leaving the park I biked down Kruppa Street, just to see what is happening with the house where Katie Fisher rented this winter. In the empty lot next to the old house I saw this perfect image representing Pinecraft. According to this billboard, some people work, while others sit...

 The old house where the windows are broken out and the air conditioner is gone. It is in the process of being torn down in order to build a new house.

The sign on the side door. I don't know which A.Y. but probably the one who is demolishing the house.