Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Morning Beauty

This morning I got up early and left the house just as the sun peeped over the eastern horizon. I was on an assignment to shoot photos where I wanted the morning light on my back. So after I finished with the assignment I took my time biking home, taking in the beauty of the crisp early morning. 

Here are the best of the 100+ photos I took.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cortez Florida

Less than a week ago I had a visitor, a writer that told me about Cortez a little village about fifteen miles north of Pinecraft. This village is similar to Pinecraft in many ways and he encouraged me to take a look at it. So I put it on my "To Do" list. Yesterday Nancy Ebersol Good and I drove to Cortez. 

 We arrived and drove around a bit without knowing a thing about Cortez except the bit Chris told me about, so we decided to stop off for a meal and ask questions. 

We were welcome to Paradise.

 And ordered our meal of fish, fries, Cole slaw and baked beans. The servings were so huge we order one platter and still has some fries we couldn't eat. The whole atmosphere was laid back. We ordered our food and waited for a long time. I think there were only two people working as servers. One took our order and an old man brought our food when it was ready. But what was the hurry? We were there for the day or as long as we chose to stay. We asked questions of what is there to see or do in Cortez? The only thing we could do was to visit Food and Wine on Pine on beautiful Anna Marie Island. There was no other suggestion of anything to see or do in Cortez. This is just like Pinecraft, tourist hear about Pinecraft and so they want to see and feel Pinecraft, when in reality there is nothing to do except sit and eat. We have good food. 
 The flag gets caught in the wind every day and has started to turn to shreds.

 After eating we went exploring on our own and found their little post office
with a bulletin board, just like Pinecraft except smaller and not as weather beaten.

 The retired boats' resting place.

There was one street narrow main street going east and west with a number of short streets. On these streets we met this woman with a child in the basket, like you see in Pinecraft.

 Many of the homes were fenced in. The first settlers were fishermen from the Outer Banks in NC. I don't know if these fences and the small houses were patterned after their former homes. 

Old loading dock
Blue picket fence

 Reminding dogs and their owners what not to do.

 Free books and there were many more inside. Many of the houses have window shutters similar to these.  At this place a woman came out of the house and we visited quite a bit. she gave us some history and directed us down to the harbor.
 Their church. Behind the church was an empty lot were children were playing.

 Daily fresh fish are sold here. Cortez is one of the few places where local fishermen go out each day and fish for a living.
 The Fish Market also had outdoor seating to sit and enjoy the food. We ordered a dessert of Key Lime pie and coffee.

 Beautiful Mother and daughter.
 Back in there is a row of cottages to rent. Each cottage is named after a fish. These two are Grouper and Tuna.
House for sale.
 We met this old bird with a part of his beak missing. 

 We saw just enough of the village that we want to return and explore some more. I would love to get a rental and really get the "feel" of this place.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Shuffleboarding: When Pinecraft is Empty

 Tonight when I biked into the park nobody was even close to the shuffleboard but when I was ready to leave Chet Stoltzfus and Katie Beiler were waiting on a few players to show up. Soon John Troyer and Omar Stoltzfus showed up.
 Chet is sprinkling the board with beads of some sort to make the disks slide easily. It was a hot day so he is barefooted and so is John Troyer.

 Omar and John on the one side...

 while Chet and his Mother-in-law Katie were on the opposite end.
Actually Omar & Chet played against John and Katie. 

There were a few other people watching and visiting like Atlee Raber and Enos Bontrager, David & Irene Swartzentruber, and I think Floyd and Sarah. I can't remember if I saw them or imagined I saw them. I am loving this lazy, sleepy village.

Monday, April 20, 2015

After the Rain

We had a quick shower tonight. After a while the rain clouds left and the normal evening clouds came around. So I decided to go for a bike ride, looking for plant life especially flowers. This is what I found.

 I don't know who planted these but I love the wild mixture of color. I am guessing these will bloom all summer as they are planted under a slow dripping faucet. At least this spot was always a bit wet last summer.
 Wet and Happy

 A bud opening up.

 Sunflowers galore all because the parrots dropped seeds this past season.

These Royal Palms look like they wet themselves.

Pinecraft is now a sleepy little village and people are far and few.